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 Empowering Tomorrow's Changemakers.

We cultivate future leaders through Effective Altruism education, instilling the power of purposeful action. Through workshops and mentorships, students not only learn about altruism but also practice it with real money.

Our Mission:


​Education should inspire action. We believe that learning goes beyond books; it's about using knowledge to make a tangible difference. At the heart of our approach is the belief that giving, like any skill, can be nurtured and honed.

Our Philosophy:

A social movement focused on maximizing positive impact. It's about evidence-based decisions, from choosing the best charities to crafting a career that brings about meaningful change.

Our Offerings:
  • EA Workshops: Hands-on learning about effective giving, featuring expert insights on global issues and an introduction to career strategies focused on positive impact.

  • Giving Exercise: A unique experience where students allocate real money to effective charities or face an enlightening choice about personal gain.

  • Proxied Giving Mentorship: Post-workshop mentorship where students dive deeper into the world of philanthropy with guidance from experienced donors.

Giving Exercise Rules:
  • Initial Allocation: Each student receives $100.

  • Two Choices: Students can either donate the $100 to a charity of their choice or keep it for themselves.

  • Sharing Clause: If more than 20% of the class opts to keep the money, those students will divide 20% of the total funds among themselves.

    • Example: In a class of 30, if 15 students keep the money, they'll share $600 (20% of $3000), getting $40 each.

  • Volunteer Commitment: Students who keep any money must volunteer one hour for every $10 kept.

Mentorship & Beyond:

Post-workshop, our Proxied Giving Mentorship Program pairs students with seasoned donors, fostering continued learning and engagement in the philanthropic journey.

Your Donation's Journey:

Donating to us amplifies your impact.

When you donate, you choose how to direct your impact:


  • Charity Directed Fund: 100% goes to top-performing charities chosen by our students.

  • Operational Fund: Supports our growth and student exercises, with extra funds channeled back into effective charities, ensuring maximum impact.


Example: Consider donating $4,500. Whether given directly to GiveWell or through our Charity Directed Fund, the result is approximately 1001 bed nets or about 1 life saved. By donating through us, you're also investing in educating and molding informed, altruistic leaders of the future.

Our Shared Mission: A Note from the Founder

Dear Supporters,


I'm Harrison, a third-year dental student at Columbia University. Alongside my studies, I've established Inspire Altruism (IA) and "Onboard Acoustics", an exciting artistic endeavour that contributes directly to IA's operational funds. As the founder of IA, my conviction in our vision continually drives me. As we embark on this journey together, I feel it's crucial to share our challenges, our immediate objectives, and the path we envision ahead.

The Challenge:

Although we've been fortunate with our charity-directed funds, our operational resources remain limited. These funds aren’t merely about sustaining daily operations; they're crucial for amplifying our mission's reach.

Our Immediate Goal:

Our immediate aspiration is to solidify our foundation. Before introducing our program to high schools, we're keen to collaborate with a psychology lab. This partnership will allow us to study the long-term ramifications of our workshops, ensuring that our interventions are both well-intentioned and effective.

Our Vision for the Future:

Beyond these immediate steps, our ultimate aspiration is to lobby for the incorporation of altruistic education into the national curriculum.


Building a Team:

Realizing this vision requires a passionate and dedicated team – individuals who resonate with the transformative potential of Inspire Altruism and are eager to amplify our mission.

Your Role:

Your support goes beyond merely facilitating daily operations. By contributing to our operational funds, you’re making a lasting investment in:

  • Rigorous research that refines our approach.

  • Assembling a passionate team to advance our vision.

  • Ensuring that when we launch our workshops in schools, they have the utmost impact.


A Commitment to Transparency:

Your trust is our most treasured asset. We vow to provide clear insights into our expenses and milestones. Every initiative, every choice, will be communicated to our cherished community.

Your support is the cornerstone of our mission, and together, we can bring about real change.


With deepest gratitude and hope,



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Suite 14 - 518 West 136th Street New York, NY, USA


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